Meet Pete

Hi! I'm Pete and I started this company to help fund a Kayak Scupper light I was passionate about. I wanted to design, patent, and produce the light and that required a lot of capital. This website and idea quickly became its own passion. I love kayak fishing and being a Senior Chief in the US Navy. The name of the company combines my love for both. A Navy Chief's rank insignia is described as a gold foul anchor. Also, we Sailors are not known for our clean language, but instead, have a foul mouth, hence the name Nauti-n-Foul. I am a proud father of two children, who are my world and are also involved in this passion of mine. My daughter is my social media manager because I'm old and don't understand social media. My son helps with shipping because I am on active duty and still deploy. I would not be here without their love and support. This really is a family-run business.

Fishing Chief.jpg

Hi, I'm the social media and website manager Rose! I am definitely not a pro at any of this but I'm trying my best. I hope you can be patient with me and help me figure out all of the bugs and issues with the things I do. I love the color yellow because it represents joy to me. I also like sunflowers not only because they are yellow but because in the language of flowers they mean loyalty and adoration. I hope you all can help me in my journey with Nauti-N-Foul!